Ways to Spark Creativity for New Jewelry Designs

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When it comes to making jewelry, sometimes you may find yourself as a creative jewelry making professional getting a little stuck with coming up with some new ideas. If you rely on making creative jewelry to earn an income or potentially as gifts for the holidays, here are some ways that you can activate some extra inspiration for creative jewelry making.

Take from nature: going out for a walk or hike through a garden or even taking some time to browse through a greenhouse can give you some incredible inspiration for jewelry making. Nature has some absolutely wonderful blooms and colors. Emulating some of these colors which can be found in nature in your jewelry designs can make for truly inspired pieces.

Take a new approach: If you have a process that you generally use for all of your jewelry making, consider taking a new approach or potentially even working with some new materials. If you have always avoided using materials because they are difficult to work with, consider throwing old rules out the window and trying again. Taking on a new approach or even doing some research into some new materials you could be using, could help you find new levels of inspiration.

Talk to a good friend: getting some advice from a good friend or mentor could be all that you need to find a spark of inspiration. When we spend too much time thinking of our own designs or we get immersed in our own lifestyles, this can sometimes lead to our line of thinking staying the same. Speaking with other people is a great way to learn about new topics or potentially approach a situation entirely different.

Try different art form: Sitting down to write some music or even paint could bring you some newfound inspiration in your jewelry designs. Sometimes by activating another creative part of our brain, we can let that creativity seep into other aspects of inspiration like jewelry design.

Keep some of these top methods in mind for building more inspired jewelry!

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