Product Review: Artisan’s Head Magnifier (TM)

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Since my last article I purchased “an aid” for jewelry making projects. I have to say, for the first purchase and at such a cheap price, I do believe this is all I will need. Your needs of course may be different.

I ordered this device from Amazon. Name of the device is Artisan’s Head Magnifier, (TM). Price was $13.99 plus a little tax. Delivery was extra fast. I think it was within 3 or 4 days maybe sooner.

It took awhile for me to figure out how to attach the magnification lens. I am a real dork when it comes to attaching things, yet, I knew this thing was worth tinkering with long enough to finally get a lens attached.

There is a little light run by a battery which is great. I could not believe how wonderful this device was for jewelry making. It enlarged “everything” very nicely. The holes in the tiniest of beads I could see through to the other end. I love this device. It absolutely has solved my “not being able to see well” during jewelry making projects.

The description on Amazon calls it a “Prime Grade ABS Eyeglasses/Headband LED lamp light with 5 magnifier acrylic optical lens for reading or micro works. I did not have to use the headband. They fit just like a pair of glasses.

You look down onto your object and there it all is. I also tried reading with them and they work better than the cheap glasses you can pick up at Wal mart or most any other place.

This pair of magnifier glasses are absolutely “outstanding” just as their description states. The entire package includes not only one magnifier lens, but 5 of them.

As I said before, it was a little tricky for me to get even the first lens in, yet, I am a pure dork at putting things together, so for someone else, this task may be much easier.

I chose the second lens in the box and it was a perfect choice for me. The lens sizes are: 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, and 3X magnifications. Their description also noted how great they worked for reading, working on small circuits, jewelry evaluating and more, just about anything that requires a close up view. I tried them out for bead jewelry making and reading. Worked great on both projects.

The LED is super bright and adjustable at different angles horizontally and vertically. Artisan’s Head Magnifier (TM) light uses 3 LR1130 batteries. Now these may be a bit tricky trying to find and replace. I will cross that road when I come to it. The light does help a lot and is just as the description says, “bright.”

The fit is comfortable. A comfortable fit is important for working long periods of time while wearing them. I don’t think I will have a need for the adjustable elastic nylon strap that came with it. I really can’t give a review on how that feels as I did not try it on.

The premium grade ABS and Acrylic Optical Lens is made of a premium grade ABS frame and shatter resistant acrylic lens as stated on the box. The lens is extremely lightweight, which is important for long periods of use. It is a compact size and scratch resistant. Again, I cannot believe the clear view these little glasses provides. I suppose one could clean the lens with regular eyeglass cleaner.

Probably one of the main features of this magnification device is that it is totally hands free. Their description states it can also be used as a headlamp, of which I did not try out, as I wanted the lens view with the light.

This device, the Artisan’s Head Magnifier (TM) provides for me an extremely clear, hands-free viewing experience while making bead jewelry and reading. It surely is worth the low price to have a pair of these on hand, and I doubt I will need to add anything else to my jewelry tool box for the purpose of “seeing clearly,” as this absolutely solves my problem.

As I mentioned above you can purchase these on Amazon.

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