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Reports have shown that about 2 million people shop for jewelry on the internet every day. It’s a very big and lucrative business. As profitable as the business is, a lot of competition exists.

Jewelry is for both men and women and this ensures a market from both genders. Selling jewelry online requires an online store which is usually a website or blog or on a known shopping platform like Amazon or E Bay or Etsy.

Jewelry Selling involves selling rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or belly rings and more. Each piece of jewelry can be made from hundreds of different mediums like gold, diamonds, gemstones, shells and beads and so much more.

Best of all, jewelry is easy to store (no need to pay rent on a large warehouse) and cheap to ship to buyers as it has very low weight.

To successfully market your jewelry online, there are steps and tips that can be of huge benefit. These steps have been highlighted below.

  1. Store Design

It’s a known fact that jewelry is part of the fashion industry, design and innovation is core fundamentals of the fashion world. Your online store must be well built with attractive features of good color so as to make visitors to the store and prospective buyers love and want to check out what you have got. For a competitive market, it’s a must to get online visitors to stay glued to your store. Also very important is the name of the store. Good naming can enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  1. Easy Navigation and Product Description

If you want to start marketing jewelry online and doing so successfully, you must make your website/blog which is your store very accessible and easy to navigate. Placing of accurate item descriptions and posting clear and quality pictures of each jewelry in your website is also another technique to selling jewelry online. Most people are attracted to items because of their pictures that are so real life looking. Good pictures sells. Selling Jewelry that is substandard is not advisable because it wain down marketing. Also, description of each jewelry should be true. Properties of each jewelry should also be easily displayed so that buyers don’t get confused. It is worthy of note that jewelries on the store should be classified. A menu on the website can be for gold jewelries while others are for diamond jewelries, silver jewelries and so on.

  1. Online Presence

For a person to succeed in jewelry selling online, you must always be online to know who contacts you about your products. Remember, a physical shop must be opened in the morning to get sales, so also is the online store, you open the store whenever you are online to check proceedings. A jewelry selling and marketing tip is that you secure a good internet connection. You should also have access to your store through your smart phone. All these makes your presence online and it helps you to attend to issues like emails from clients and other things.

  1. Traffic

It is absolutely suicidal, logically bereaved and an unacceptable practice to fail to talk about traffic anytime I talk about online business, selling jewelry, marketing jewelry online and any form of online selling. Traffic is the number of people visiting your website store at a particular point in time. To make it brief, the more your website is viewed, the more sales you make if your website looks good and products are equally attractive. To get lots of traffic requires some steps which include sending your website links to emails of people that are into fashion and jewelries, posting your website on the big and active social media pages and timeline that are passionate about jewelries, Setting up good back links to direct people from forums and similar websites to your store and effective Search Engine Optimization to get excessive and massive traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. In quest to get enough traffic of people that have interest in jewelry, you can also opt for massive advertisements online to sell your jewelries online. Google ads, Facebook and Twitter ads comes to mind as well as other advertisement services provider online.

  1. Security

An indispensable attribute of a good online store for jewelry selling is the security it offers customers. A lot of fraudsters are online who clone credit cards or sell substandard products. Buyers must be secured that the store offers full refund of cash if the product bought is not good enough or not up to specification. They must also be sure that the jewelry selling store will secure their Credit card used for transaction.

  1. Pricing

It’s not out of point to say that price plays a big role in successfully marketing jewelry. As a competitive market, you must seek to sell jewelry at a fair price. The concept of combining two or more products together for a reduced price seems cheap to buyers while you also make a fair profit. Try it out.

  1. Shipping and Logistics

A good store must provide buyers with good shipping and logistics. This involves how the bought products are successfully delivered to the buyer. Shipping must be stress-free and safe as well. Always provide more than you upfront say you will provide. For example, state shipping time to be 3 to 5 days, but then ship sooner than this, such as within one business day allowing the product to arrive earlier than expected assures you prove to your customers you provide over and above what you state, rather than saying 3 to 5 days and then not shipping the item until 10 days later…..which is not a good business practice. It is better to overdo then to under do for your customers in an effort to bring their business back to you.

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THE custom of exchanging presents on a certain day in the year is very much older than Christmas, and means very much less. It is a tradition in almost all ages of the world, and among many different nations. It is a fine thing or a foolish thing, as the case may be; an encouragement to friendliness, or a tribute to fashion; an expression of good nature, or a bid for favor; an outgoing of generosity, or a disguise of greed; a cheerful old custom, or a futile old farce, according to the spirit which animates it and the form which it takes.

But when this ancient and variously interpreted tradition of a day of gifts was transferred to the Christmas season, it was brought into vital contact with an idea which must transform it, and with an example which must lift it up to a higher plane. The example is the life of Jesus. The idea is unselfish interest in the happiness of others. The great gift of Jesus to the world was himself. He lived with and for men. He kept back nothing. In every particular and personal gift that he made to certain people there was something of himself that made it precious. For example, at the wedding in Canaan of Galilee, it was his thought for the feelings of the giver of the feast, and his wish that every guest should find due entertainment, that lent the favor of a heavenly hospitality to the wine which he provided.

When he gave bread and fish to the hungry multitude who had followed him out among the hills by the Lake of Gennesaret, the people were refreshed and strengthened by the sense of the personal care of Jesus for their welfare, as much as by the food which he bestowed upon them. It was another illustration of the sweetness of “a dinner of herbs, where love is.” The gifts of healing which he conferred upon many different kinds of sufferers were, in every case, evidences that Jesus was willing to give something of himself, his thought, his sympathy, his vital power, to the men and women among whom he lived.

Once, when a paralytic was brought to Jesus on a bed, he surprised everybody, and offended many, by giving the poor wretch the pardon of his sins, before he gave new life to his body. That was just because Jesus thought before he gave; because he desired to satisfy the deepest need; because in fact he gave something of himself in every gift. All true Christmas-giving ought to be after this pattern.

Not that it must all be solemn and serious. For the most part it deals with little wants, little joys, little tokens of friendly feeling. But the feeling must be more than the token; else the gift does not really belong to Christmas. It takes time and effort and unselfish expenditure of strength to make gifts in this way. But it is the only way that fits the season.

The finest Christmas gift is not the one that costs the most money, but the one that carries the most love. But how seldom Christmas comes— only once a year; and how soon it is over—a night and a day! If that is the whole of it, it seems not much more durable than the little toys that one buys on the street-corner. They run for an hour, and then the spring breaks, and the legs come off and nothing remains but a contribution to the dust heap. But surely that need not and ought not to be the whole of Christmas —only a single day of generosity, ransomed from the dull servitude of a selfish year,—only a single night of merry-making, celebrated in the slave-quarters of a selfish race!

If every gift is the token of a personal thought, a friendly feeling, an unselfish interest in the joy of others, then the thought, the feeling, the interest, may remain after the gift is made.

The little present, or the rare and long-wished-for gift (it matters not whether the vessel be of gold, or silver, or iron, or wood, or clay, or just a small bit of birch bark folded into a cup), may carry a message something like this:

“I am thinking of you to-day, because it is Christmas, and I wish you happiness. And to-morrow, because it will be the day after Christmas, I shall still wish you happiness; and so on, clear through the year. I may not be able to tell you about it every day, because I may be far away; or because both of us may be very busy; or perhaps because I cannot even afford to pay the postage on so many letters, or find the time to write them. But that makes no difference.

The thought and the wish will be here just the same. In my work and in the business of life, I mean to try not to be unfair to you or injure you in any way. In my pleasure, if we can be together, I would like to share the fun with you. Whatever joy or success comes to you will make me glad. Without pretense, and in plain words, good-will to you is what I mean, in the Spirit of Christmas.

It is not necessary to put a message like this into high-flown language, to swear absolute devotion and deathless consecration. In love and friendship, small, steady payments on a gold basis are better than immense promissory notes. Nor, indeed, is it always necessary to put the message into words at all, nor even to convey it by a tangible token. To feel it and to act it out—that is the main thing.

There are a great many people in the world whom we know more or less, but to whom for various reasons we cannot very well send a Christmas gift. But there is hardly one, in all the circles of our acquaintance, with whom we may not exchange the touch of Christmas life.

In the outer circles, cheerful greetings, courtesy, consideration; in the inner circles, sympathetic interest, hearty congratulations, honest encouragement; in the “inmost” circle, comradeship, helpfulness, tenderness,— ” Beautiful friendship tried by sun and wind Durable from the daily dust of life.” After all, Christmas-living each and every day is the best kind of Christmas-giving.

Give Handmade Bead Jewelry for your Christmas Gifts from Carmilita Earrings. All purchases are shipped in a gift box ready for gift giving.

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